30-Minute Walk



**Price per walk is $18 for recurring walks 5 days per week** 

Your dog(s) will get to explore the neighborhood solo or with one or two other dogs on this 30-minute adventure. The 30-minute walk provides exercise and mental stimulation keeping your pup happy and healthy.

  • Group walks are an excellent way to socialize your pup in a controlled environment.
  • One-on-one walks can be catered to your pups needs.
  • Training walks include but are not limited to work on leash-reactivity, sit and wait at corners and loose-leash walking.

15-Minute potty break


If your pup just needs a quick potty break, this 15-minute visit is perfect! We are available to do a short walk or backyard play session. We can customize the visit to suit your dogs needs.


30-Minute Run


The 30-minute run is perfect for medium-high energy dogs. Your dog(s) will get to go on a fast paced adventure around the neighborhood. Runs are especially beneficial for anxious dogs; exercise and routine can help reduce stress and anxiety.


Overnight Boarding

(Your home)


We will stay in your home with your dog(s) overnight. Boarding in kennels can be stressful for some dogs. Overnight boarding is advantageous to most dogs as they can stick to a similar daily routine and stay in their comfort zone. If dogs are dog social they can also join us on our daily walks and spend the day making new friends and romping all around Portland. We are more than happy to water plants; feed fish; retrieve mail or any other small odds and ends.

*We don't just love dogs and are more than happy to spend the nights snuggling with cats and/or any other type of pet.


Overnight Boarding

(My home)


Overnight boarding in our home is another great alternative to kennel boarding. While you are away, your dog(s) will get to explore Portland; go on numerous group walks daily; and hang out with our personal pets.


Custom Visit

Don't see quite what your looking for? No problem.  We offer customized visits. Simply click on any "schedule" button above!