Meet the owners of Wild at Heart! We are a cooperative and all of our staff are equal owners of the company. 

Photo above (my family): Amanda (human), Guffy (dog), Otis (cat), Banksy and Neurine (rats); missing from photo is Prudence (cat)

Photo above (my family): Amanda (human), Guffy (dog), Otis (cat), Banksy and Neurine (rats); missing from photo is Prudence (cat)

Hello!  We are Wild at Heart and are dedicated to maintaining an ethic of compassion in every aspect of our business. We use positive reinforcement training and constantly work with our clients to provide the best possible care.

My name is Amanda and I am the founder of Wild at Heart Dog Walking & Pet-sitting. I have extensive experience with pets and have worked in the animal welfare field for over ten years. I began my career the day I turned 18 at the Connecticut Humane Society. I began as an animal care technician and advanced to adoptions soon after; I specialized in placing difficult dogs in breed-specific rescues. I then moved to San Diego where I worked as an adoption counselor for the San Diego Humane Society for six years. I performed behavior assessments, worked along side the medical staff, trained with some of the top behaviorists and assisted all kinds of training classes. I then moved back to Connecticut for a few years where I was hired as the kennel manager at The Simon Foundation. There I organized the cat adoption team and ran the foster program. I have been fostering medically and behaviorally challenging pets for over nine years; I worked specifically with under-socialized pets. I am currently working on my molecular biology degree and walking dogs and pet-sitting full-time in the Portland Metro area. 


Hello I'm Jessica! I am a co-owner of Wild At Heart since the beginning of 2015. I am a full time student at Portland State University and a professional pet care provider! I have been working with dogs of all breeds for over seven years in California and Oregon, providing service to over 350 clients! Over the years I have cultivated experience that has helped me work with various dog behaviors and temperaments! This work has inspired me to pursue certification as a dog trainer, which I am currently working towards. I am interested in helping pets maintain a healthy exercise program, enjoy social interaction and provide relief. I am Pet First Aid certified. 


Hello! I'm Greg. I am a co-owner of Wild at Heart and have been working with them since 2015. I moved to Portland in 2008 to work on my writing. Growing up we always had two or three dogs running around, a few indoor kitties and horses. I worked with horses when I was younger leading trail rides. I also volunteered for many years at the Agoura Animal Shelter in California. I am currently in school for Computer Science and love working for Wild at Heart.       


Natasha joined Wild at Heart in 2017. She has always been an animal lover; at a very young age, she was feeding stray cats and trying to save baby birds that fell out of nests. She's always had a connection to animals. She wanted a dog as a child, but her mother wouldn't allow it. She promised one day she'd have forty dogs to spite her mother. Realistically this never occurred, instead, she worked at a dog daycare right out of high school for 3 years. At the cage-free boarding facility, a cot would be set up in the back where she would sleep covered in pups; a very good memory! She then moved on to a job in animal care at a pet store. Currently, she dog-sits often and takes care of a feral cat colony of nine cats. She's the type of crazy cat lady where the cats find her! She considers animals her friends, not just pets. 


Hi, I'm Katie! I joined Wild At Heart in 2018. Growing up, we always had dogs at home. Plus, I used to help my aunt on her rescue farm, where she fostered anywhere between 10 and 20 dogs at any given time, in addition to goats, horses, cows, chickens and a whole lot of cats. I've been pet-sitting and walking dogs for the past 2 years and share a house with an elder Newfoundland mix named Heidi. When I'm not taking care of animal friends, I do grassroots organizing work focused on climate change prevention. 


A small percentage of Wild at Heart's earnings are donated to local shelters to assist our homeless furry friends.